Our Reviews

Feedback is important to us to make sure we’re continuously delivering a reliable and efficient PC and Laptop Repair service.

We do appreciate it as it helps us monitor our service as well and make any necessary improvements to become even better.

We can proudly say that we regularly get good feedback but as and when we get it, we’ll publish it here.

If you’ve called out one of our Computer Repair engineers, please do email us to comment on how you have found our service.

We’re particularly interested in knowing

How quickly did we respond to your enquiry/ come out to fix your Computer or Laptop?
Were we able to fix the problem?
How professional and efficient was the service?
Did we explain what we had done to repair your Computer or Laptop and, what you can do to prevent the problem re-occuring?
Did we give you any other Computer tips?

What Our Clients Say…

“I have just had speedy & efficient service in supplying and setting up a new laptop following the demise of my much used one.”

joe-bloggsKenneth Sawyer

“When my laptop was running slow and getting error messages, I booked it into Computer Repairs Huddersfield with no problems. The service was prompt and they cleared my unwanted files and installed Window Washer. It is now running more efficiently. A prompt and excellent service as usual.”

joe-bloggsGill Ejsymontt

“Very good service and extremely quick and reliable.
Thanks for quickly repairing my computer, and explaining why it went wrong in the first place.
Will use again, thanks”

joe-bloggsDave Reynolds

“Thank you for getting my laptop fixed in record time. I gave my laptop in to have the hard-drive wiped clean and my dongle to be installed as well.”

reviewNagheena Haroon

“Removing viruses and downloading security protection. Very good service.”

reviewElayn Crossley

“My laptop kept crashing and my dvd drive wasnt recognised. These guys sorted it within a day and the price was really good. I would definitely recommend them.”

reviewMohammed Khan