Trojan Removal

Trojan Removal HuddersfieldWhat is a Trojan?

A Trojan is a program that presents itself as being legitimate, but is actually malicious and capable of causing significant problems to your Computer. Trojans are commonly used to gain backdoor access – in other words, gaining remote to a user’s system without the user being aware.

Trojans are also known as a “trojan horse”, “trojan worms” or “trojan viruses”

Can Computer Repairs Huddersfield get rid of trojans?

Yes we can!

As with many other Computer Repair services we provide, our Computer Repair Engineers have extensive experience in removing trojans, and a detailed knowledge of the latest threats on the internet.

Once our Engineers have removed the trojan from your computer or laptop, Computer Repairs Huddersfield will provide you with online access to a database of useful information and tools to find out how to make sure they can stay protected from trojans and other nasty threats on the internet.

This way, you can keep your PC running smoothly, so you don’t have to call another engineer out.

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